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Unfortunately, Ric wasn’t quite used to the goody two shoes life of most summer bay residents, and ended up sneaking Matilda off for a drunken pash in a nightclub, making her think that she liked him, when he was actually only after a bit of fun.

Sally explained that girls don’t think like that, and if they kept on that road, Ric would soon have Matilda doing something that she’d regret and Ric didn’t want that, so he backed off, leaving Matilda crushed and questioning her appeal as a love interest.

When Ric ran into a cute girl on the beach, she convinced him to go for a ride on a jetski, except that the jetski turned out to be stolen.

A furious Robbie, having spent months thinking he had HIV, slammed Ric against a locker.

Dalby helped the couple back to civilization, where he was immediately pounced on by Flynn and Alf, who revealed that Alf was in fact his grandfather.

Flynn and Sally went back to Dalby’s caravan to try and convince him to come and stay with Alf, who was after all family and they told him that the charges regarding his father’s death had been dropped.

Henry, as an act of preservation, tried hanging around with Dalby and his crew but Dalby wasn’t willing to be friends and burnt down the Surf Club Kiosk, letting Henry take the blame and even letting him get a criminal record.

Then Robbie and Tash thought it would be a good idea to leave a map to a marijuana crop (which Tasha had found) into Dalby’s locker so that he would get in trouble except that he got in too much trouble, and recieved a severe beating from his abusive father, the wounds of which he could no longer hide.

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