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According to a source at US Weekly, Meester had a crush on Brody before they started dating!2 Things moved extremely quickly in their relationship, or at least it appeared that way from the outside.Literally, I do the heavy lifting.” In a separate interview, Brody also revealed when it comes to his daughter Arlo, he really enjoys spending time with Meester building “the kids stuff” around his house like Arlo’s slide and rocking chair.

Both actors played iconic teen characters from two of the most widely popular teen dramas, .One entry per mobile number One event per mobile number – eg select one single event to enter.Cost of message will depend on your own phone providers terms and/or the terms of Whatsapp messaging. The opening and closing times of the competition will be given out on air.Entrant(s) will be selected at random from all correct eligible entries.One randomly selected Entrant for each event will be required to talk to the presenter(s) on-air.

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