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But if you’re out and about around the city, don’t miss the opportunities to meet single girls, hot girls and the Natalie Portman lookalike girls that might be around the place. I’ll save you the eye-rolling because let’s face it – we’ve seen that all before. But what I do want to do is share in the excitement of what creating this blog means for us and personally, for me… Can you live down the more embarrassing on-air fights, thrown drinks and teary breakups, witnessed and recapped by thousands?

“Parenting has, of course, been incredible together and Adler has enriched our lives so much.”2013 was a difficult year for the family, though, when Nikki was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer.“I kept it a secret for over seven months until I knew I had no more evidence of disease,” Nikki said.

This all seems to be in waste though as since we have been together she has cheated on me 4 times (that I know about) with one of those being just the end of last year. I messaged Katherine first, I tried to be funny – she told me some time later she could decide if I was being funny or rude! We’ve had our ears to the ground, our noses squashed upon screens following the news but there’s one guy (straight, mind you) that stole the show and has kept it hostage…

Now yes, we all know that you can log onto Gaydar Girls and find a girlfriend, a friend or an adoptive Grandmother if we so wish, and that is a feeling as good as eating candy floss for breakfast.

According to cast members of The Real L Word’s third and final season, the answer is an emphatic yes.

The Showtime series was just the beginning for Whitney Mixter, Sada Bettencourt, Kiyomi Mc Closkey and Lauren Russell.

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