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Trump cited one girl killed accidentally by an illegal immigrant in SF as a reason to build a 70 billion 2,300 mile long 30-foot tall concrete border wall. But 20 people shot dead by a MAGA hat terrorist in a Walmart and his solution is to fly flags at half-mast #Massacre Mitch Cut it out. The cost of living in Ukraine is low compared to the wages and you can have a good standard of living and still save money.You can buy a beer for around dollar, and eat out for less than .Since Ukraine is not in the EU, all expats need a labour permit to work there.

IF HE LIKES YOU HE’LL MAKE THE EFFORT LADIES DONT BE OUT HERE LOOKIN DUMB!!!!!! There is an IATEFL, TESOL Ukraine conference every year and the organisation Teachers for Teachers brings guest speakers to run workshops regularly.In the last year, Hugh Dellar, Tom Godfrey and JJ Wilson have given presentations and workshops here.Language school work tends to follow the school terms.Courses start in September and run until June or July.

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When the hell are you gonna start taking gun control seriously?

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