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"We had three takes in rehearsals and she broke it on the first take," says Chmerkovskiy. And the second take, I said, 'Come on, we need "I couldn't walk, so I knew something was wrong," says Monaco, 36. You just tape it up and call it a day." Or you would, if you didn't have to compete in a couple of hours in front of 12 million people."And then it went black and blue all over and puffed up. Monaco toughed it out, and even though she ended her routine in tears, it seemed to have little to do with her broken toe, and everything to do with the relationship developing between Monaco and Chmerkovskiy, 26 and 10 years her junior.We all loved his role as Jason Morgan so we panicked.The hysteria bated when it circulated that Bill is yet to renew his contracts with the show and that a previous actor, Steven Burton who played Jason Morgan has returned.

Her annual salary is 0,000, whereas her monthly income is around ,000.While the two refuse to define what's going on between them ("no labels," says Val), Monaco talks about Val "breaking down my walls." After their dance Monday night, Chmerkovskiy carried her down four stairs to stand next to host Tom Bergeron and get their judges' comments.Then, when that was over, he picked her up again and carried her to the skybox to debrief with co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet. Honestly, I can not come up with the words to describe how I feel about this decision... Just finished our walk through for tomorrow’s @Killylive event. Can’t wait to meet all of our @General Hospital and #killy fans. First stop is the @Bravo WWHL #clubhouse to hang with @Andy. #gh #abc #Killy With Kindness LC4b Hey @General Hospital fans, maybe you didn’t hear us. #billymiller and I appreciate any support but not at the expense of our costars. #killywithkindness #Next Gen Face #Giving Back #bullyfreezone Henderson…

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