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And that space and the home around it, should be a place of love and peace.

We seek to be part of that conversation, because what’s said in the locker room today will happen in the bedroom tomorrow.She is a Gather DC Open Doors Fellow, serving as a social ambassador to the D. She is also a regular contributor to DCist, where she writes about the arts and happenings around town.Before joining the JWI team, she was an anchor and reporter at WAMU 88.5, Washington’s NPR member station.Obsess over the variety because our service achieves recognition among users of all nationalities and views.As I’m a 20-something Jewish woman, I see engagement announcements about as frequently as I hear about them.

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When we ask young men to list the words they associate with hooking up, we hear “smash,” “bang,” “screw,” and numerous other terms of the sort. And while there is heightened focus on college campuses, we know that sexual assault and abuse occur in marriages too, and in teenage relationships.

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