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Refusing to hire someone because they are a woman also is a great loss for Johnathan’s firm.

While a mere 7 percent of partners at the top 100 VC firms are women, a recent study suggests female VCs are a lot better at picking female-led startup winners.

On KQED’s Forum show today host Queena Sook Kim discussed venture capital’s sexist culture.

But during the call, someone claiming to be a VC emailed the show to say he would not hire a woman “out of fear that we will get sued.” We don’t how KQED obtained this email or what their methods are for verification of letters sent to the show.

you have no idea what’s going on in it’s life because they’re quiet about it. but more of the serious type, and so take it serious. “That is not a valid reason for not hiring a woman,” she told Sook Kim.While we don’t know the identity of this VC — he only wrote in using the first name Jonathan — we do know, according to Sook Kim, that he runs a VC firm. I have a Scorpio mars, and some other placements too. These people are intimidating because they’re discreet, and by being secretive.. If they loose control, and power they feel insecure.. Especially if they’re highly attractive to others.. placements with “ Scorpio” in a person’s natal birth chart. They’re sensitive, and controlling and snarling/ moody type of people.

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These people are resentful, and don’t really communicate. It doesn’t last long, and some people with low self esteem..

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