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“There is intergenerational transfer, but early intervention helps children understand what a healthy relationship is and helps them gain a mastery of the environment because, ultimately, domestic violence is about loss of power.” That is exactly what Batista hoped for when she started a teen therapy group in June 2012.Her goal is not only to let children open up to her and understand her perspective but also to allow them to learn about other teens’ experiences and give each other suggestions so they don’t feel alone in their situation.Nick threatened to drive the car into the water as the pair traveled along a long two-lane bridge.His girlfriend, Caitlin, panicked and tried to grab the steering wheel.Do you want Age to help you send your link exchange request out and improve your link popularity? Once we verify our link is on your site, your link will automatically appear on our site.

It was time for the monthly meeting at the Violence Intervention Program at a confidential location in Queens, New York, and Batista was ready to introduce the discussion topic of the day: dating abuse.Nick then hit Caitlin and then tried to apologize with sweet talk and kisses. By the end of the story, Caitlin is asleep on Nick’s shoulder as they drive home.“What would you do if you were in Nick and Caitlin’s position? The goal for Batista and others working with the children of domestic violence is to get teens to draw a line between acceptable and unacceptable behaviors between intimate partners, even if that line has been all but erased in the relationships they have witnessed in their own homes.“For girls who grew up in an abusive environment who didn’t have education about domestic violence, they will think that’s how Daddy shows love to Mom,” Batista explains.“So when they grow up and find someone in the same situation, they will think, ‘Oh, this is normal.’ She won’t see anything wrong with it.” A 2009 paper by the Family Violence Prevention Fund illustrated the absence of recognition of violence from the boy’s side: “Adolescent boys may identify with their abusive father or father figure, tell themselves that their mother provoked or deserved the violence, and therefore display aggression in their relationships.” Luis’ experience was not far from that description.

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Breaking the Cycle Through individual and group therapy, the Violence Intervention Program—and a few other programs in New York—not only aims to help children work through trauma with therapy.

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