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Dear John, I’m a middle-aged guy who’s been seeing a woman I’m crazy about for six months.I’m divorced with no kids and my girlfriend is divorced with two kids, 9 and 12. There’s no way to sugar coat this, though: I don’t like the kids. My girlfriend has joint custody with her ex-husband, so they’re around a lot. Is there hope for this relationship, or should I cut my losses?She has no idea how I really feel—I think I’ve done a good job of hiding it and she thinks her kids hung the moon. Signed, I Know Cute and They’re Not It Dear They’re Not It, Do yourself a favor, do your girlfriend a favor, but most of all, do these boys a favor and tell your girlfriend you can’t see each other any more.

Encourage any family member who may be subjected to this to do likewise.

Since your husband votes no, the answer for now must be no.

And don’t present it to her as, “It’s okay with me, but your father is being unreasonable.” This is a chance for her to see how conflicts are resolved in a family, and sometimes “resolved” means you don’t get your way.

I’ve never met my father, and the only times we’ve spoken he’s been heinous — most recently, he slid into my DMs (really) to get my email in order to ask me for a paternity test because “you know how your mother [the woman who raised me, and would give everything she has for me] is.” I was 24 at the time, and have never asked him for anything.

My stepfather was an immature creep who would catcall women while I was in the car with him.

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I just found out he was on a certain viral spreadsheet, though thankfully I couldn’t corroborate any of the claims there.

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