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"You know how when you meet someone and they're really ignorant, but they're really happy?

" Adams says as he twists hair from his wiry, reckless beard.

Courage lies in striving to live up to the ideals and standards of your future self. Professional investors struggled to distinguish successful and unsuccessful teams when leaders were black—but had little trouble when leaders were white. Here are the new fall books to read on behavioral science, leadership and life.

#Saturday Thoughts Reminder: the more sensational the story, the longer you should pause before you believe it. They teach us how to change habits, have productive arguments, decide who to trust, play the long game, predict the future, promote equality, and fight distractions. Es Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale have more students in the top 1% of family income than in the bottom 60%.

If you want to be taken seriously, demonstrate your sincerity.

Thomas Grant Gustin was born on January 14, 1990 in Norfolk, Virginia, to Tina Lynne (Sweeney), a pediatric nurse, and Thomas Avery Gustin.

What he has become is the NBA's modern enforcer, a classical bruiser who possesses unusual versatility and athleticism.

25-year-old Nicholas Griffin turned himself into police the next day, charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death.

• Le Bron can hit free agency again, and anything is possible • On free agency, James says 'don't have an answer' • Back-to-back champion Warriors dealt with back-to-back challenges all season • What Le Bron leaving would mean for Cavs • Way-too-early 2018-19 Power Rankings • Complete coverage of the NBA draft What else does he see?A sign of wisdom is the ability to appreciate the wisdom of others, instead of limiting your learning to your own experience. If work is independent and people are capable, don't tether them to an office. Value results alone, and you lose trust and respect. Listen because you respect the intellectual integrity they bring to their questions.Possessing a virtue makes it easier to see in others. You learn more from people who challenge your thought process than from those who affirm your conclusions.I was 'gay-bashed' when I was in school even though, you know, I'm not... His paternal grandfather and great-grandfather were born in Canada, but many of Grant's family lines have been in the United States since the 1600s.I'm a straight guy that just happens to be what I do.

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