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Social media also serves to prevent dating “fraud” by showing that the “rugged athletic type” is someone who takes selfies of himself pounding beers at Packers games.

Founded in 2013, Toronto-based Instant Chemistry leaves the matchmaking to you but then provides the genetic tools to tell you if the girl of your dreams is a DNA nightmare.

Is this to cover more bases and align with the conventional idea of compatibility and symmetry, and not to be confused with the idea of contrasting and complimentary genes being beneficial?

With the intricacies of the genome, and the complex interplay of genes and regulators, epigenetics, and not accounting for the many other mysterious factors that go in to choosing a partner.

If MHC compatibility is AOK, but the chance of a different genetic disorder are high- what moral obligation do companies dealing with genetic information have to inform of other findings? If so how is the testing of individual genes regulated and how are the results stored? After reading The Economist’s article from 2008 A new kind of dating agency relies on matching people by their body odour, I was curious to see that (temporarily unavailable) was a quick search didn’t shed any light as to the reasons for its absence, however it did lead me to a bundle of dating sites, including, with a detailed ‘personality test’ and a much more traditional take on the ‘chemistry’ of attraction.

The premise is that people with a greater diversity of HLA genes are more likely to be attracted to each other.

One site offering a swabbing service- gene partner- comes with an ABC news feature/advertisement on their homepage in which two human guinea pigs are coupled up and light-heartedly questioned.

In the first 5 seconds the use of the term ‘hard science’ was used, but just how hard is the science?

In theory, this makes sense evolutionarily, because those couples with more variety in their HLA genes would produce offspring with a broader genetic immune response to more diseases.

That would certainly be a valuable trait for the zombie apocalypse.

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What happens if you are already in a relationship, and, through fateful curiosity, decide to check whether you are compatible with regards to making immune resilient babies?

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