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As many Alphas as writer would like, but would like more than four mates for Jensen.Could also be Dean as omega with Sam, Benny and Misha and others as his mates Jensen is the Queen's second son in the modern-day Kingdom of America.Jensen shares his totally awesome loft in Los Angeles with two male strippers, Chad and Jared, and spends his days high out of his mind when he's not fucking guys for money.

"I hear from all of them - I'm actually in such a great spot, because I have the Kaniacs and the Kaniacs have been around for a long time and they're fans of really didn't end - but am I happy with how it ended at the network?

"You've starred in a number of shows with big cult followings - how have you found interactions with fans at Comic Con and similar events?

I'm a fan of those films and that genre, so it was easy for me to walk into this role."Your character Jake is an art historian with an IQ of 190, but is he also an action man?

"He's not Eliot Spencer, that John wrote for me so many years on - Jacob Stone, his mouth writes cheques that he can't cash - he thinks he's a tough guy, but he's not, and so that's what so fun about it.

That's just me as a kid - that was my fantasy."I'm an actor for a certain reason - it's not because I really wanted to hone my craft and do Shakespeare, I'm an actor because I wanted to fly around on cables and kick the s**t out of people, so this is absolutely right up my alley and I'm very fortunate to be a part of this show!

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In doing so, I started out by locating the DOM element that represents the preview date panel, as shown below: The outer I found, that when the preview date panel is clicked, the following code for the command is triggered (the comments in the code are mine): Basically, this command invokes opening a modal dialog that allows the user to set the preview date.

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