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Story: The idea for this Strap came up from something I had heard countless times in our community: Typically, those who are struggling with suicidal thoughts are not telling them to others.

Instead, they are quietly contemplating what the value, purpose and point of their life is.

It consumes a lot of her thoughts on almost a daily basis and it crushes her that she is mostly powerless to help her friend with the extreme depression they are feeling and expressing relentlessly.

Knowing what Robin is going through, I can completely understand how they could feel hopeless.

Robin’s child would grow up without a parent, their mother would never forgive herself.

In India, One Plus will go up against the likes of Xiaomi and Huawei, which have made big splashes already.

One Plus has come out of nowhere with its first smartphone, a beast of a device that rivals flagships that cost more than twice as much.

Similar to the long - form artwork on pieces like Stardust and the original Stay Weird, there is a massive variety of colors used in Listen.

This was my way of showing that all of us are different - we each have unique ingredients that make our story our own.

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Even with near-zero advertising and a very tight supply chain, this plucky startup could turn the entire market on its ear.

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