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If he were, he'd be leaning into Hannah's space a little more, rather than keeping to himself.Hannah's hand on Tyler's knee is a surefire sign that she and Jed are totally over.As news spread of 20-year-old actor Cameron Boyce’s death, cricket fans mistakenly thought that it was Australian cricketer by the same name who had passed.A death hoax began to spread and confusion increased as concerned Instagram followers wrote “RIP” on the cricketer’s most recent Instagram post.Here, Glass says, "they're mirroring each other's body language," which is positive sign that these two are ~feeling~ each other.But still, Tyler's hands holding on to his thigh means he's not as into Hannah as he was before."She'll never forgive this man," she confidently said as soon as Glass took closer looks at Hannah's hands.They're clasped together which means she's hanging on tight to her decision. She's into him, but he's only lightly touching her elbow to keep her at arm's length now that she chose Jed over him.

The actor was previously linked to dancer Megan Trainer, who performed in the chorus of all three movies, but the two may have broken up as they haven't posted about each other on Instagram in quite awhile, and Megan seemed to have deleted old pics with Booboo.

It's unclear exactly when they started dating, though it's definitely been awhile.

Mitchell took Tayla to the premiere of both China Anne Mc Clain China is slowly taking over the small screen, so it makes sense that she doesn't have enough time to date anyone.

When it comes to Jed, trust is nonexistent for Hannah. You may be rooting for Hannah and Tyler, but Glass warns it might not happen based on this body language. Glass isn't saying Tyler doesn't still have feelings for Hannah, but he's sure as hell going to protect himself—and his heart—more from this point on.

Okay, things are looking up a little with this pic.

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