Ethics of stock option backdating

All this ethical issues of stock option handling needed to be looked upon for moral reason.

It’s thus paramount for more moral laws to be put in place to control the ethical issues in the stock option control.According to Kantian, it is possible to develop moral system using reason and this could be a great basis for controlling the ethical issues that a rises[sam02].Body The share based payment and stock options were compensation expense based on the fair value for both the company and the beneficiaries based on the stock market price on the grant date.Such values are computed using complicated option pricing models such as the Black-Scholes option pricing model. Question #4 Changes in a company's stock price have no impact on the financial statements of that company.Remember that stock are traded in the stock exchange which is a secondary market, meaning transactions are...... Discuss the importance of ethical considerations in e Bay’s financial reporting.

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Any decision that the company makes is likely to have an effect on its performance an in turn will affect the price of its shares in the stock exchange. Aside from moral concerns on the part of the businessmen, various factors that translate to financial gains are driving companies to be more conscious of its treatment of its employees and to be more generous to the public.

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