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When I compared the treble strings between D'Addario and Elixir, I noticed that the Elixirs sounded "plinkier". Before I played Elixirs, I played DRs for at least 5 years. My friend worked for a major band and was sent Dunlop strings when they first came out and he was impressed enough to switch from a brand he was using for over 10 years.

Pick material makes a ** of difference.)* Wear more evenly;* Last longer; (Depends on the brand. During the process, I'd employed D'Addario, Ernie Balls, GHS, DR, etc. Several guitars could be considered "identical" set ups (as in, the exact same model, exact woods, etc - I have several duplicates), as well as just simpler parameters such as "same scale length, fret-wood & frets but different feel and zing with different strings". What's your No.2 preference if the No.1 option isn't available and why? FWIW, I've just done a massive tech-out on 11 electrics, couple acoustics, and some electro-acoustic full clean/conditioning/set-up/dress/etc. well, it doesn’t really matter for a singular character or sex poses.it’s a guide for confrontational angles or principle 2-party composite.

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