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R45, strange but it seems Roger Howarth and Marie Wilson stayed married to their spouses, I think, and the word was all over about them.I was shocked as I always thought he'd be nailing someone at OLTL. The Taylor fans might be a little worse, they seemed to have a religious right vibe to them, and their hatred of Brooke and idolization of Taylor seemed to blur fantasy and reality.Then remember that bizarre scene where Natalie and Jared found her in Mitch Lawrence's room at the clinic. Then last year during the holidays Clint mentioned he was going over to the palace to wish Renee a happy new year. I could see the reality show with Kelly Monaco/Nadia Bjorlin/Farrah Fath/Kirsten Storms getting picked up but who would want to watch Austin and Teri. Maura West dissed the 'ladies luncheon' at the emmys this year.

Carly was complaining to Edward about dragging Michael into ELQ business.She said he had plenty of other heirs: Ned, Dylan, Jimmy Ray Holt..corrected her on the name and said Jimmy Lee hasn't been around in years....What they did to De Freitas was awful, and then it just continued with Larry Bryggman, Scott Bryce, Martha Byrne...The others are Robert Tyler (Loving), Grant Aleksander (GL), Don Diamont (Y&R, B&B), and Steve Bond (GH).Teri was married to her first husband for 10 years.

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  1. "I helped produce it, and I couldn't be more proud."But first, it's time to learn more about the actor. Glamour: Who is the person people say you most look like? [John] almost played my dad on ]Glamour: No, you totally do! He wanted me to play the meathead because it's something you wouldn't expect.