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Cocky-funny, for those of you who don’t know, is the technique David De Angelo made famous in his ebook “Double Your Dating.” The idea isn’t to kiss girls’ asses. A guy who’s cocky, and pushes the girl away, playfully. But it’s magic when it comes to creating sexual tension.

With The Mask on, he now had no more social pressures like “you’re not supposed to this” or that. When I picture The Mask before I go into the field it’s amazing how approach anxiety kind of lessens for me.

She does not understand, and cannot explain, what has happened to her. In logic, when two premises collide like this, it’s called inconsistency.

It is as if she had caught an eye disease from someone else, but could not identify the cause; she does not realize that she is seeing herself in the lover as in a mirror.

Now that I have created this CHARACTER for myself, things are all different. You’re just playing like you’re a kid again in a sandbox, but spicing in these masculine, sexual-selector undertones.

“The lines didn’t much matter, as long as they fit in with the character. She’ll be laughing (always good) while you’ve created this implicit dichotomy between you and her. Even if it’s just pretend, she’s still accepted the she’s-chasing-you role, which sparks attraction in her (without her realizing it).

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“And because she’s served with all the attentions due to a god by a lover who is not pretending otherwise but is truly in the throes of love, and because she’s disposed to be a friend of the man who’s serving her (even if she… Now that she allows her lover to talk and spend time with her, and the man’s good will is close at hand, the girl is amazed by it as she realizes that all the friendship she has…

It is a decree of fate, you see, that bad is never friends with bad, while good cannot fail to be friends with good.

Approaching is an exercise of social freedom, like an athlete exercising to become healthy and strong.

What could be more socially free than approaching complete strangers? Re-reading this always gives me a jolt, so I want to share it with you all, too.

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