David d dating profile updating driving license

There are other ways of doing this in your Tinder profile, of course.

You could name —are by Wes Anderson and David Lynch, but then you’d look like a cut-and-paste film student from a starter-pack meme.

The Oxford comma is a stylistic choice, unburdened by moral designations of right or wrong.Benjamin Dreyer, the longtime copy chief of Random House, calls those who eschew the Oxford comma “godless savages.” He writes in his new book, “No sentence has ever been harmed by a series comma, and many a sentence has been improved by one.” Like, for instance, the memorably illustrated sentence “We invited the strippers, J. On the infinite blank page of the internet, most newspapers still omit the Oxford comma, in accordance with AP style. When the bone-dry online-dating landscape is littered by so many useless, unspecific tumbleweeds of personality, why, then, is something as peculiarly niche as a punctuation mark popping up so often?(Most magazines, including this one, use it.)Recently, the Oxford comma has found a spot on the Bingo card of online-dating profiles, alongside mainstays like “no hookups,” “no drama,” and “420 friendly.” Whether you’re mindlessly grazing on Tinder or Bumble, Ok Cupid or Match.com, you’re now as likely to learn someone’s thoughts on the Oxford comma as you are their job title or their penchant for tacos. Why does anyone need their potential hookup to know that they’re a “defender of the Oxford comma”?“Maybe the serial comma is kind of like a bow tie or a button-down collar.Something that’s neat and structural in appearance.” It signals “someone who knows what she wants.”What many people want, evidently, are word nerds and grammar geeks. ”Dean, a New York-based lawyer, said that it’s “always at the end of a list like ‘dog mom, shower singer, Oxford comma enthusiast.’ So kind of cleverly self-referential.

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