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The average American kid gets a cellphone at age ten and a half.Whether you want your child to have a phone or not, giving your child access to dating apps and internet (through any mobile device or computer) unsupervised could get them into trouble with catfishing, cyberbullies, or online predators.In my practice, I often encounter teens battling non-consensual image sharing.” This type of incident can be devastating to a teen’s emotional well-being, reputation, and college and job prospects. Cons: Why parents feel teens shouldn’t be allowed to use online dating apps One recent study found that 34 percent of children and teens have been cyberbullied.Talk about potential issues and risks with online dating to avoid them down the line. Wyatt Fisher, a licensed psychologist and marriage counselor, believes proper rules and regulations make teenage online dating safe. And from news headlines we all know bullying can lead to legal suits, suicide, and a slew of painful side effects.Websites like,, and cater to teens and young adults who want to meet other people.These sites are not dating sites and, unlike reputable online dating services, the friendship building sites rarely screen users.Unless you monitor your child’s every move on dating apps, they can easily get mixed up in something negative.Your teen has their whole life to find love and develop new relationships, but you as a father can play a key role in that process.

In fact, 29 percent of teenagers who use dating apps admitted they had been in touch with someone over the age of 18.” Whether you’re for or against online dating—after all, it helps millions of people find a perfect match each year—the following details can help you decide what’s right for you and your teen.The minimum age to create an account is just 13 and currently according to Tinder 7 per cent of its total user base is between the age of 13 and 17.Recently a group of Fiona is a Marketing Manager with Criterion Conferences.She is passionate about travelling, pursuing unique experiences and inspiring people to get out of their comfort zone.Her spare time is spent trying new activities such as jetpacking, trampolining and tree climbing but regularly participates in anti-gravity yoga and horse polo.

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