Dating softball player

When he’s been playing softball for awhile or played on the same team for several years, you’ll soon realize just how close they are.There’s nothing like the friendships of those teammates.He’s not trying to choose softball over you, but he doesn’t want to let his team down either.

He’s allowed to love you both, definitely you more, BUT when it’s game time, that becomes his priority. This will save you a lot of arguments and spare you a lot of time.That’s what it’s like to be a softball players girlfriend.If you’re considering dating someone that plays this game, here’s a few pointers to get you prepared for the journey you’re going to embark on every season, every year: It’s NOT a game.Every girl that plays softball has some pretty great bat skills that could come in handy down the line!Every good softball player is not a girly-girl and is not afraid to get down and dirty.

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