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Birth Control Morgan says: Condoms are available at pharmacies.

You can purchase birth control pills in the capital but if you have a specific brand bring enough to last your trip.

LGBTQ Friendly Morgan says: Christianity is the main religion in the Solomon Islands and LGBTQ issues are not well understood.

Women’s Rights Morgan says: The Solomon Islands culture is still quite traditional and is for the most part a patriarchal society.

Clothing Morgan says: The Solomon Islands has a conservative culture and showing your thighs or legs is considered taboo.

In the capital city you need to ensure that you are covering your thighs and wearing shorts or a skirt to your knees.

Transportation Morgan says: Small mini vans and taxis are the main form of public transport in the Solomon Islands.Women-Specific Environments Morgan says: In the villages there will be traditional ‘‘ and areas where men go and women go.Make sure to always ask where you can go and where women are allowed.If you are venturing outside the capital to villages or other islands then you need to make sure that you are wearing longer skirts and pants are often not acceptable.If you will be going in canoes or smaller boats make sure you are wearing swimming shorts underneath to protect your modesty when getting in and out of boats.

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