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As a medical doctor, you’re probably used to certainty in terms of diagnoses, medicine, treatment, and so on.

But Jung is right in that we need psychology to understand what is happening to our inner subjective world, not just the material or external circumstances.

Not long after my 48th birthday, I started having persistent thoughts about time slipping away, getting old, and letting go of my dreams.

The specter of turning 50 scared the hell out of me.

In middle age, of course, one begins to notice changes in terms of stamina, perhaps more aches and pains, worsening eyesight, and so on—which is why many seek counseling.

I would like to think, though, that I will have spent my sunset years having the time of my life.

I am not writing to be told what an awful husband I am, or that I should go back to my wife (not that she would have me).

I saw 50 creeping up on me and I flat-out panicked. I am that guy now—the one who leaves his wife for the hotter, younger woman.

I do feel ashamed about that, and knowing I hurt my wife, whom I still love, will probably eat at me for the rest of my days.

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Long story short, I went online and discreetly began talking to women as young as half my age.

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