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This month also features the bull jumping ceremony of the Hamer tribe.To prove that they are eligible bachelors, the young men of the Hamer tribe in South-Western Ethiopia have to go through a three-day long rite of passage—run on the back of 7-10 bulls lined together four times without falling.It works to your benefit if you want to enjoy your trip alone and not run into hordes of other tourists.However, trails can be muddy for those seeking a trekking experience and roads could be difficult.The weather is generally warm and you can expect to see a few rainy days.For those planning a trip out of the capital city, the dry season also makes boat cruises more enjoyable.January is also a good time to visit Ethiopia to see the Ethiopian Christmas celebration.

Hailing from Tanzania, South Sudan and Uganda, more than a million endangered white-eared kob antelopes make a home in the park in search of grasslands before returning South after three months. The historical battle and the heroes that have fallen for the freedom of others are revered annually in March.The dry season makes ascending Ras Dashen, the highest mountain in Ethiopia, more convenient.This UNESCO World Heritage site boasts spectacular landscapes with its raw and rugged beauty and diverse wildlife endemic to Ethiopia.Italy’s attempt to colonize Ethiopia prompted a second war between the two countries, which ended in May 1936.Proudly displaying their military decorations, veterans who fought to liberate their country take part in the event.

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