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Here’s the thing though: While you may think this means it’s easy …Read more When it comes to going on a single men holiday, Southeast Asia is by far the most popular choice for the majority of guys.Whether you’re planning on staying awhile, or passing through, SEA provides numerous options, each with its own uniqueness and things to offer.

For those who haven’t made …Read more Everyone has their preferences on where to take trips and holidays to meet girls, but if you haven’t spent time in Latin America yet, or have only been to 1-2 places, you’re missing out.

Lately, it seems that Kenya and Tanzania are clearly two of the most popular spots to visit. Well that basically depends on who you ask, as every guy has different experiences when they travel.

Still, you can make some clear comparisons as to what’s different about both countries, and which spots have an advantage in certain …Read more When it comes to ideal destinations to meet and date girls while traveling abroad, I’m afraid that Africa gets overlooked frequently – and that’s a shame.

When it comes to traveling abroad for a guys holiday, I think it’s safe to say that Southeast Asia and Latin America are probably the two most popular destinations.

Because of this fact, it’s common for guys to spend some time trying to decide between the two when planning a future trip.

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