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What are some struggles or pressures you face (if at all) as a result of your different religious backgrounds?

In a way, while these couples aren’t considered “interfaith” in the traditional sense, their differences in backgrounds can provide just as much opposition — and joy.Texas, NYC Name: Jillian Age: 21 School: Student in the joint program at Columbia and the Jewish Theological Seminary Where are you from/where do you live now? As is common in such households, my father is a pulpit rabbi and my mother is a Hebrew teacher.Philadelphia, NYC Relationship status: Dating, not living together. I grew up praying three times a day, went to Jewish day school and then yeshiva in high school, followed by a year of yeshiva in Israel, and higher education at Touro College (one of of two Jewish universities in NYC).Jillian comes from an opposite background as me and made her way towards observance, something I am unbelievably impressed with.There are members of my family who pressure me often to “get back to my roots” and be more observant, and I sometimes find myself playing a different role when I’m around them, trying to give in to their desires.

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