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The site also has the only sculptured 15th century high altar to survive in any Irish monastic church.Carrowmore is home to the largest and oldest collection of stone circles and dolmens known from Neolithic Ireland.Different types of megalithic monuments can be encountered in the county and according to their construction, and to a certain extent to the finds made, these monuments have been categorised into four main types: court tomb, portal tomb, passage tombs and wedge tombs.Towards the end of the Neolithic period henge monuments or earthen embanked enclosures were constructed for ritual and ceremonial purposes and continued into the succeeding Bronze Age (c2300- 700BC).” From Discover Sligo Website We are lucky to have numerous historical monuments and heritage sites around the county that are ideal for exploring on a family day out or weekend getaway.It contains 14 passage cairns identified with letters and is one of a series of limestone plateaus aligned towards Knocknarea.Carrowkeel is one of the most spectacular and breath taking archaeological sites in Ireland.

The castle stands on a slight elevation with great views, particularly to the south.

It is believed that Maeve, the legendary queen of Connacht is buried underneath the large heap of stones.

Enjoy spectacular views of the Sligo and Wild Atlantic Way coastline from the summit.

Sligo translates as “shelly place” and is one of Ireland’s most popular tourist destinations.

It’s known for its great literary connections, prehistoric landmarks and spectacular natural beauty.

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