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At one point, I finished a mission on the top floor of a decrepit apartment filled with crack-addled occupants.

If you're a regular player, on the other hand, you need to go back.

(I chose to set free someone I'd been given a contract to kill, on the promise that he leave town – though I'm wondering if that decision will come back to haunt me as I continue to play.) game before, because Rockstar has neatly tweaked some of the mechanics that annoyed many lightweight players like me in the past.

You're much more accurate with your gun early on (a fact cleverly explained by Niko's status as a war veteran), and each time you fail a mission, you're given an option to immediately replay it, which speeds up the game immeasurably. My one serious quibble with the gameplay is that the cars still control like tanks, and the camera hovers far too low on the hood, frequently obstructing your view unless you constantly fiddle with it.

Indeed, in a Hollywood-like cellphone irony, your girlfriend will often call to chat while you're in the middle of a gunfight or car chase.

The game also lets you exercise a bit of your own moral code when you're given a few key opportunities to disobey your gangster bosses.

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