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Unfortunately, I have noticed a tendency to talk about the dangers of burnout at work in terms that provoke fear and panic in the stressed individual rather than lead him or her to slow down.

Our methods of discussing the dangers of stress and burnout are too defensive and too reactive.

The balancing of one's personal life and work life is a challenge to all of us who aspire to be successful - by whatever relevant metric.

It is not surprising that so much is being said and written on the topic.

The struggle to maintain one's inner peace and avoid burnout has become a standard ingredient of modern working life.

Many of us attend seminars on work-life-balance, we see therapists, we meditate, or we seek advice on how to handle stressful careers.

He has a reputation as traditionalist and strong disciplinarian – imposing a strict uniform policy at his school and punishing bad behaviour with Saturday morning detentions.

Sir Michael, principal of Mossbourne Community Academy in Hackney, who is due to become Ofsted’s chief inspector in January, was quizzed by MPs on Tuesday as part of a pre-appointment hearing.We tend to think that the busyness of work is somehow dangerous, and that we need to balance out the busyness with the emptiness of non-work.Our emphasis on practices such as meditation, yoga, mindfulness - or simply just periods of nothingness - as means of balancing out the stress of work illustrates this point.But speaking at Westminster, Sir Michael suggested that he also recognised the benefit of maintaining a contented workforce.Asked for his opinions on granting teachers sabbaticals, he told the cross-party committee: “I would strongly support that, because there is an element of burnout, people need to be refreshed.

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