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by Anthony Jerrod Black History Month- a time for members of various ethnicities to celebrate the valiant efforts and deep democratic struggles of people of African descent and a time to reflect on the strength of a courageous people who continually clothe themselves with love and justice in the face of monolithic adversity, resistance, malevolent acts, and attempts to diminish and eradicate black beauty, black intelligence and black potentiality. Woodson once expressed in the Journal of Negro History in October of 1927, a time not only to explore African civilization, history, art, philosophy and anthropology but also to investigate the social, economic and cultural problems of the Negro.

Indeed, as we look to continue to bequeath the rich tradition and heritage of our predecessors, it is imperative that the extraordinary progress, outstanding achievements and inventions and beautiful legacy of people of African descent be explicitly and unequivocally told to present and future generations.

Senior leaders tend to sponsor people whom they trust — often people who look like themselves.

Black women are likely to “put their heads down” and “make no noise,” believing that hard work alone will pay off.

In a world where one aptly timed game-changing idea can be the catalyst for promotion, being rendered invisible can severely truncate black women’s career opportunities.

Our black dating platform provides an effective and trustworthy place to meet eligible and educated black singles up and down the US.

Hewlett and Green leveraged impressive survey and interview data to make simple yet powerful points that every manager needs to know. Black women are more likely than their white female peers to aspire to be leader.

Their report notes black women are 2.8 times as likely as white women to aspire to a powerful position with a prestigious title.

That can exacerbate black women’s lack of sponsorship, the report says.

In fact, only about 5% of managerial and professional positions are held by African-American women.

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