Dating because your bored

Everywhere you look around, you see better dating potentials.

[Read: 7 secret signs of a relationship that’s starting to go bad] 15 reasons why you’re bored with your relationship The reasons for your boredom could be one of these, or all of them.[Read: 8 pillow talk conversations that’ll bring both of you closer overnight] #9 Spontaneity.Planning your whole life together is the perfect way to prepare yourselves and the relationship for the future.Plan a vacation, go out for dinner once a week on a random day, just do something! When two lovers fall in love, we always suggest that you take your time.Falling in love too quickly can build a romance on shaky grounds, especially if the reason both of you are together is because of one or two aspects, like great sex or a rebound relationship.

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Do you find it easier to talk about your work or your personal problems with someone else but not with your partner?

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