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My idea was less about romance than hedging our bets. My sister and […] Read More Eric Wankerl is probably nobody’s idea of a swaggering jock, but when Paige Marquardt caught his eye on a Minnesota basketball court in 2013, he didn’t hesitate to let her know he was curious. It was 1996, and I heard songs like “Macarena” and Hootie & the Blowfish’s “Only Wanna Be With You” for the first time. In the surreal weeks and months that followed, I grew increasingly apprehensive about the idea of online dating. Eventually our lives resumed, but the man himself was detached and disinterested.I was only 18 then, a freshman at Cornell, and he was barely 21. I danced for hours in my pink […] Read More “Stay here and guard the castle,” I would say to my dog, Dusty, every time I left our condo. I hadn’t been single in nearly a decade; I didn’t even have Facebook, let […] Read More Just before the pizza arrived, my big, handsome husband went back to bed. He didn’t want pizza, and he didn’t get up again for a week. He stopped cleaning anything, and he had been […] Read More A Lifetime of Bliss After a wedding in which our son was the best man, my wife and I were on the subway at midnight. If you don’t, someone else will.” After the doors closed, […] Read More When I married my husband in 2014 he came with children and birds — two boys and three African Grey parrots. “Will you choose them […] Read More The Look Having multiple partners can mean more pleasure, but it’s not always easy.Pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience, this forum has been created to encourage discussion on trying to conceive, pregnancy, babies, breastfeeding and everything else that comes with being pregnant.Chit Chat It's simple, if there isn't an appropriate board for your post, then you're more than welcome to post here in our lounge.Questions To Ask On A Date Before your date, it’s always a good idea to ensure that you're prepared with a few dating questions as a fall back incase the silence gets a little too awkward for your liking.This forum can be used to share dating question ideas.If you have any general relationship questions that don't fit the context of our other boards, ask away here.Dating Forum An open forum to discuss everything and anything relating to dating, whether you're an older person, single parent, gay or straight.

We're on a mission to become the best online relationship help forum. We're relatively new, therefore, as we grow, we will continue to introduce new forum areas and other cool additions to this love relationship forum, whether you're considering marriage, or you're not sure about something in your relationship, suffering from a break up or have something to get off your chest, please, we're here to listen - shout about it!

While most couples consider sharing a bed to be an expression of intimacy and togetherness, research show there may be grounds for sleeping separately — like the bedroom scenes in the 1950s TV show “I Love Lucy,” […] Read More What My Twin Understands My twin brother has autism and can’t talk much. Mother says I sucked out all the words from him in the womb.

When we were 12, I walked into my brother’s room and simply said, “I’m gay.” I had never said those words out loud before.

If you're having issues, or have questions regarding your long distance relationship, this LDR forum is the best place to ask other members for advice.

Relationship Breakup Advice We're all human and the chances are, most of us have been through a relationship breakup.

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The main floor of the Vault, an event space in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, was nearly empty.

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  1. His highest-charting hits are “What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am” (1992), “Tender Moment” (1993), and “A Little Bit of You” (1995), all of which peaked at No. Four more of his singles have charted in the Top Ten as well.