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(I know that last one has nothing to do with the culture of dating, but I really prefer it, so it made the list.) I decided to ask Yeung if she thought risk-shy Aussie singles are our own worst enemies: There’s definitely a casual dating culture in Australia, but I don’t think it holds Aussies back from finding love.

When singles reach a life stage where they’re ready to get married [or make a serious commitment], they’ll make more of an active effort to take dating more seriously. We just kind of suck when we don’t take it seriously, which is most of the time. The only questions that remain are: do you think Noah Centineo uses Tinder?

Male travelers have heard that Australian women are not like women in their countries, so no wonder one of the points on their bucket lists is to pick up some local girls.

Looking at Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, and other most beautiful Australian women, you may think to yourself that it would be great to travel there and get to know Aussie girls better.

I once had an American guy try and hold my hand the first time we hung out and I basically shrivelled up and disintegrated into a million pieces like it was 4.

Oversees girls have always been considered kind of exotic.Here, you can literally have been on two dates and the guy you’re seeing will probably be very chill, keen even, about meeting your pals. Not having to swipe on people you already know is the greatest: Who knew being in a city twice as big as Sydney would widen the dating pool?It’s a nice change not having to awkwardly swipe left on your ex-boyfriend’s best friend every few weeks…History, culture, climate – all this shapes the disposition and lifestyle of Aussies.Australia, a far-away continent, has always attracted tourists and migrants from Europe and the USA.

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