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The non- addict wants to believe everything they hear because they are perhaps blinded by love or have an overwhelming need to care for the addict and control their recovery process (codependency).Manipulation comes in many guises as you may, for example get a phone call in the middle of the night pretending to miss you and need to see you but they really just need attention and confirmation of your concern for them!It really is a lot to take on in understanding the process of addiction and recovery.You will need help to be able to cope with dating and loving an addict or a recovering addict.The biggest relapse dynamic is getting into a romantic relationship in early recovery.

If you date a recovering addict it’s not a totally bad thing as everyone deserves love and second chances in life!

Tough love is not necessarily about being ‘tough’ on your partner.

Its more about setting essential boundaries and being tough enough to take care of your own needs rather than putting the needs of others first.

Al-Anon meetings are designed for people living with an addict – Without understanding the recovery process, you could make others resent you by always questioning them instead of supporting them.

Rehab gradually teaches addicts to deal with and cope with their daily lives again and as a partner, you can respect and help them but you cannot ‘carry’ the addict and do everything for them or you will make yourself unwell.

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