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I dug this development, even if the way it unfolded wasn’t exactly romantic. My friend Jamie, 27, says having sex without a condom also made her relationship substantial.

“One night after we’d been dating for around seven months, we were both super drunk, and it just happened,” she says. ) “I do feel like it brought a new level of seriousness to our relationship, since it’s more intimate than sex with a condom, and I think it helped build trust between us.” It worked out for Jamie and her boyfriend, who are still going strong more than two years later. “clusivity does not always equal exclusivity,” she says.

Now we’ve gone to the other extreme, having sex in the hope that it will turn into a relationship.” Plus, she says, we’re more comfortable talking about sex than feelings, since sex is the accepted method of intimacy.

“Be sure what you’re wanting from your partner is something you’re contributing yourself.”If that’s not working, dig a little deeper, Heide advises.

“We are mating and dating in a culture defined by instant gratification.

For a long time, it was commitment first, sex later.

Not to mention new mothers can feel sore or tender for a few months following birth and/or who may be uneasy starting up sex again.“When these are the reasons why your marriage or relationship have become sexless, rest assured – if you continue to infuse your union with love and appreciation, all it will take is time, patience and an unwillingness to let this turn into a large issue, and your sex life should come back on track,” she says.

Sometimes, however, the absence of sex can be a symptom of a bigger issue – lack of intimacy.“In these cases, where it’s neither physical changes nor a lack of time that are involved in the reasoning, one should be taking a close look at their relationship,” Heide says. Probably, so look up a good therapist if this is the relationship you want to stay in, and address this issue before it tears you apart.”“If you’re having sex less than once a month then you could be headed towards even less from there,” Heide warns.

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