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On the other hand, some men dislike certain cute nicknames because they sound a little too effeminate or boyish.

Some men want to feel sexy and masculine and so they want a little more spice when you create their own personal moniker.

Here is an awesome list of nicknames you can use for your boyfriend you can use on the basis of his personality.

Here is a list of alphabet wise nicknames for your boyfriend you can use to match your boyfriends initials.

That’s why nicknames like Bad Boy, Big Daddy, Beast, Boo Bear and Hulk and Hercules are popular with guys.

Invent a badass name but give it a cute spin, one that makes you the owner of this out of control monster!

For example, you wouldn’t call a five foot one-inch boyfriend “Shorty”…that’s not cool.

But if your boyfriend is tall and his name happens to be John, Big John is perfect. Depends on whether your boyfriend happens to like goats! Then he’ll love being nicknamed something like Monkey, Tiger, Love Bird, Wolfie, Bunny, Lamb, Hawk, Eagle, or even Donkey-Kong for the Nintendo loving geek boyfriend.

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