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You can download the full email subject line report From doing this analysis, I learned the following things: Thanks to Parry Malm for sharing his advice and opinions in this post.

Parry is CEO of Phrasee, and President of agency Howling Mad.

From here, I normalised the results and calculated a quality score for individual phrases.

The quality score is derived from a combination of response metrics, time-decayed results, and external factors. Phrasee Scores™ are statistics that tell you how well (or poorly) a given phrase will perform in an email subject line.

He started his career coding middleware for CRM software, then sent out millions of emails for global brands, before running the strategy department for an ESP.

He’s one of the world’s leading experts on email marketing.They are based upon our training data and predictive algorithms. The higher the score the more reliably a phrase drives response.Bear this in mind though: a high Phrasee Score™ doesn’t tell you that the given phrase will always deliver solid results for you.To understand more about how Phrasee uses this score to generate subject lines, then read on.I tested out 211 common phrases used in email subject lines that are focused on selling.

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