Consolidating your windows vmware environment storage

NAS is a specialized storage device that connects to a network and can provide file access services to ESXi hosts.Raw Device Mapping (RDM) is a file stored in a VMFS volume that acts as a proxy for a raw physical device.Along with the HR processes, technical interviews are also conducted to assess the abilities of a professional in the field of virtualization for continues business process.

Without VMkernel, hosted VMs cannot communicate with ESXi server.Due to the implementation of a virtual environment to consolidate the available hardware, the demands of subject matter experts are increasing day by day in the market.To manage and maintain organization’s business, an experienced workforce is required, and to choose the top talent from the market for growing an organization’s business, professionals are selected via many technical interviews and HR processes.In HA, VMs will be re-started and powered-on on another host in case of a host failure, while in FT there is no downtime because the second copy will be activated in case of host failure.v SS stands for Virtual Standard Switch is responsible for communication of VMs hosted on a single physical host.

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VMware is the leader in Virtualization and Cloud Computing technologies and also providing solutions in the field of network and desktop virtualization.

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