Consolidating databases access

I thought this could be done easily as i remember having this issue a while back. I've used Access pretty basically for the last couple of years, and I'm slowly trying to get a bit more advanced.

I thought this could be done easily as i remember having this issue a while back. 1) First step is cleaning the tables and data a bit.As a consequence, the drug data available on the Web are independently curated by national institutions from each country, leaving the data in varying languages, with a varying structure, granularity level and format, on different locations on the Web.Therefore, one of the main challenges in the realm of drug data is the consolidation and integration of large amounts of heterogeneous data into a comprehensive dataspace, for the purpose of developing data-driven applications.This dataset would then enable a myriad of new usage scenarios, which can, for instance, provide insight into the global availability of different drug categories in different parts of the world.We developed a methodology and a set of tools which support the process of generating Linked Data in the drug domain.

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