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Life can feel overwhelming when you’re saddled with loads of debt from different creditors.Maybe you carry multiple credit card balances on top of having a high-interest personal loan.Your actual loan agreement that you choose is signed between you and the lender, not Personal This provides a convenient way to compare rates and terms through just a single application process.Personal is unique in that it’s a loan broker, not an actual lender.Through the application, you’ll get offers from traditional installment lenders, bank lenders, and even peer-to-peer lenders.The minimum credit score is just a 600, but the average borrowers is higher.Lending Club boasts competitive rates; in fact, its website claims that the average debt consolidation borrower lowers their interest rate by 30%.

But if you meet these basic guidelines, Personal may be a good option for you.That’s on the higher end for many online lenders, especially those open to individuals with lower credit.Personal directly helps individuals with low credit scores so this is a great place to come if you’re still in the credit repair process.You can use the website’s personal loan calculator to determine how much you could actually save by consolidating your debt.There’s also a large cap on loans, all the way up to ,000.

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