Cm error while updating java lang number

Hi I am trying to add roles for Management Service.

Even if the "get/use/close" pattern is followed, connections will not return to the free pool until the transaction in which the connection is obtained is committed.Finally, the PMI connection pool counters might also be useful in determining whether or not there is a connection leak. Connection wait problems and slow application performance when using connection pooling can occur when the web container is not configured properly.If the web container thread pool size is set too high relative to the 5. Applications should follow the "get/use/close" pattern and close all connections immediately after finishing using them.More details about this scenario and solutions for it are documented in this Default behavior of managed connections in Web Sphere Application Server article.Is your application following the "get/use/close" pattern and not caching connections, without long periods of time elapsing before the transaction is committed? Are there any network or database issues at the time that the problem occurs?

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