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The following is a list of characters from the American science fiction mystery series Kyle XY, which premiered on ABC Family on June 26, 2006.

The series follows a mysterious teenage boy of unknown origin who is taken in by a family from Seattle, and his attempts to solve the puzzles of who he is and why he has no memory.

He started singing very early, after since his parents bought him a karaoke machine, and he sang along with it. From grade one onwards, he started taking part in competitions singing mainly Elvis Presley, 'NSYNC and B2K songs.

The cast of Luz - Cama - Accion - 1982 includes: Cristina Allende as Liliana, amiga de Patricio Graciela Amor Alejandra Aquino as Luz, la maquilladora Pepe Armil Juan Carlos Casas Juan Carlos Dual as Federico, novio de Susana Nora…

Franco Olivero has: Performed in "Gli ammonitori" in 1975. Played Etnologo in "Una donna allo specchio" in 1984.

He appeared in small roles in TNT network series Rizzoli & Isles and in an advertisement for Starbucks. He appeared in season 6 episode 9 of Modern Family, as Teddy Keys, dating Alex.

In 2012, Olivero appeared in a main role in We the Party, a film written and directed by Mario Van Peebles.

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