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My (now) husband had never been in a relationship or even kissed a girl until we started dating in our late 20's, whereas I had dated several people for varying lengths of time between 2 months and 3 years. Because he had never been in a relationship before, and neither had any of his close friends, his expectations of how our relationship would be was based off what he saw in movies, read in books or what he imagined the perfect relationship would be like.

He’s spent 25 years of just doing things his way and without having to consider other people’s feelings.

When he’s upset, he says things that are hurtful instead of attempting to resolve the problem first.

The fact that she was so innocent was also sweet and she'd constantly ask if I'm enjoying it, which makes it nice I guess.

But, the downside is that because she'd never dated, she'd be a bit needy - always wanting me to reply instantly and go bonkers if I'm speaking to a girl who she doesn't know.

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