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Howe decided to withdraw, because the storm gave Washington's army more time to improve their fortifications.British troops evacuated Boston on March 17, which solidified the revolutionaries' control of the city.Boston's harbor activity was significantly curtailed by the Embargo Act of 1807 (adopted during the Napoleonic Wars) and the War of 1812.Foreign trade returned after these hostilities, but Boston's merchants had found alternatives for their capital investments in the interim.A network of small rivers bordering the city and connecting it to the surrounding region facilitated shipment of goods and led to a proliferation of mills and factories.Later, a dense network of railroads furthered the region's industry and commerce.

Both sides faced difficulties and supply shortages in the siege, and the fighting was limited to small-scale raids and skirmishes.

The colonists compelled the British to withdraw their troops.

The event was widely publicized and fueled a revolutionary movement in America. Many of the colonists saw the act as an attempt to force them to accept the taxes established by the Townshend Acts.

Washington was confident the army could resist a small-scale invasion with their fortifications.

Howe planned an invasion into Boston, but bad weather delayed their advance.

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