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A pretty face,big boobs,smiling naughty and looking interested in their needs is what brings guys in pvt. Maybe the havent gotten use to it yet if it is I think tipping feature is like 2 years old ? I do get some tips now and then but I got the rip off and fuck off when asked for them in exchange for ass /stand up etc .Sometimes I dont even have to smile,when is good is good,when is bad is bad. AW does not have the potential of MFC and SM therefore the less I show/tease in free chat the more guys will take me pvt( and ofc those who cant get a pvt will end up being nasty and banned). So I'm going to continue to expand on my fetish education, I want to film content and I want to stop letting my money go, meaning I cancel every appt and miss every call ( cos clearly I don't need money to live). I always give the option of a nice tip ( i never say how much) or private and they always choose private instead of a tip, which honestly would be less then the private. I should have mentioned that only happened a few times but made me stop asking for tips in free chat and now I just ignore their requests as much as I can or redirect them to my free gallery.The difference between MFC/SM and AW is that MFC/SM guys will tip when u hustle while AW guys when asked for a small tip in free chat will yell "Rip off " .If AW will become one of those sites where I will have to hustle like on MFC then it will be end of my camming career because I`ll end up more tired and with less money in my acc.I'm going to start doing free for at least 10 mins of every hour i'm online.I'm also going to make an effort to say hello to every guy that enters, and smile... What methods do you find work best for you in free chat to gain more paying customers? I do free chat for years and whenever I can leave I feel relief now.for free chat rooms features, amazing online chat rooms, and mobile chat at the click of a chat now , chat no register , free text chat , random chat , Singles chat , Nickname , Age , Sex ( Male / Female ) , Country and State.

What works for best me in free preview is 1)smiling, 2)acknowledging them when they come in (I just turn and smile to save my voice and energy since so many just come and go... When I'm tired, my energy flags and I can't be so upbeat. thats how us brits work and thats why free chat on AW is pretty pointless.

Today I popped on just for 1.5 hours, for half an hour of that I was in 2 private shows with sort of regulars.

Both came into free preview first and stayed the 5 minutes...maybe they would have come into paid if I hadn't been doing free preview but maybe not...point is, they didn't just have a free wank and go.

I do hours of free chat because for some reason I dont get enough shows if Im in the grp/pvt only area.

I used to tease in the past but for an year I dont do/show shit in free chat because I ended up tired and burnt. Free chat is where from I get new guys but no hustle, I just do my best to look appetizing and I dont show more than my cleavage.

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