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When I finished reading his one-page encyclopedic write-up, I bought books about him. He was not your soul mate — but your ‘sold’ mate — because you sold your soul to be with him. “Actually, I sort of coined the concept of ‘soul mate.’ If there’d been a little TM trademark thingy back in the 300s B. I firmly believe care taking the soul is incredibly important for happiness.I’d been saving these dog-eared, underlined Aristotle books. My goal: Use it all a novel, where I’d been planning to bless my protagonist with the quirky detail of knowing all things “A.”A few years ago I rediscovered these Aristotle books when moving apartments. Sure he was sexy, smart, rich, funny — but alas, he was a lying, cheating asshole.”“Wow,” I’d say. I describe a soul mate as a Of course, I’m playfully paraphrasing for my philosopher buddy.I am sure some that read this might be under the impression that they know all there is to know about adult subjects.Some might consider themselves experts on the subject of sexual education and I am sure that your lists of conquests might reflex some knowledge.He even admitted the lack of a certain amount of wealth was as much an obstacle to happiness as deprivation of freedom.Plus, he gladly accepted that some wealth was needed to be happy. But again, wealth and bodily pleasures were mere means to the ends of happiness.

Yes, when I’ve tried to connect soul to soul — heart to heart — with a partner who’s been super funny, I’ve often found that I’m greeted by a gigantic, unmovable whoopee cushion wall.A good example is when Jack Nicholson’s character in “As Good As It Gets” says, “You make me want to be a better man.”When you prioritize seeking a partner who supports you becoming your best self — instead of crushing on “superficial lures”(hotness, funniness, smartness, success, etc.) — you wind up with a soul mate/a Prince Charming/a definite keeper!With this in mind, if you want to find true happiness in your relationship, you must take time to see past your partner’s Unfortunately, as I’d discovered with my ex, those fumes of chemistry can sometimes dizzy a gal into making stupid love choices. Another superficially alluring quality I’ve been suckered in by is humor. I once had a boyfriend who teased me that the secret to getting me into bed was to crack five good jokes in a night. Unfortunately, funniness is a mere decorative quality — sometimes developed to avoid talking about real-life issues.I flipped through and was surprised to discover Aristotle said a lot of the same things about love and happiness as modern psychologists. But if Aristotle were here, I know he’d agree with my verbal modernization of his philosophies.Only Aristotle obviously said it first, having been born in 300-ish B. Plus, Ari would go on to describe how he views the world as offering three types of relationships, only one of which brings true happiness.

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For the record: Aristotle wasn’t against finding someone friggin’ funny or friggin’ sexy or friggin’ rich.

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