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"You should have more respect for the ghosts, Mark," Mrs. "If your grandmother were here..." "She's warn me about all the evil spirits walking the streets in Chinatown," Mark finished. "Maybe the ghosts need protection from me." He kissed her on the cheek.

"Better safe than sorry." "I'll risk it," Mark told her. "You should take this for protection." Mark hooked the amulet back up.

There's just one problem: Prue, Piper and Phoebe don't know what their destiny is yet. ""My mom knows exactly where I am, and she doesn't mind," Rose lied. After about 45 minutes, the manager of the hotel came over to her. Phoebe noticed that he was giving Rose a hard time so stood up and walked over."She's with me," she tried."She still has to leave," the manager insisted.

But with Leo's assistance, Rose may be able to bring them to their powers whilst keeping a massive secret from them. She knew she definitely wasn't going to tell Phoebe her real name, but should she make one up or point blank refuse to tell her? I won't hurt you, or anything, I just want to know,""I know you won't hurt me," Rose mumbled.

Prue rolled her eyes and glared at her sisters."Don't look at me," Piper said. "But Piper stole him and Phoebe took me hostage,""How do you know my name? I heard Phoebe say it downstairs," Rose lied quickly. Phoebe was already suspicious enough of her as it was.

""I'm Nina," Rose lied for the third time that day. She really needed to be more careful, otherwise she'd blow her cover. If anyone she was lying to found out the whole truth…

• ° Mark Chao's Mother's Place - Outside Mark and his mother were standing outside. "Give me a break, Mom." "There are a lot of hungry spirits out there, Mark," Mrs. "You're like the Chinese Shirley Mac Laine, you know that? YOU ARE READING Fanfiction What if there were five Halliwell sisters instead of just three? They're younger than their older sisters, only 17 years old. "So, um, I had a great time last night." "Yeah, me too," Andy agreed. And I definitely will be a Parker and Poppy's birthday party you told me about last night." Prue took the box from him, opening it, pulling out what was inside. They're the ones that find the Book of Shadows, and recite the incantation that gives t... "But I forgot to give you something very important." He pulled out a little square box from his coat pocket. The website is not responsible for content that is available online to everyone.Independent public results for external websites that were visible on the web on the 2019-07-28 update day - for everyone, including you.

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