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Heavy, slow, and vulnerable to advancements in anti-tank weapons, the Char 2C quickly became obsolete during the 1930s, and the few units created saw use only as propaganda tools for the French during World War II before being destroyed or captured by Germany during the Battle of France.

Weighing 69 tons fully loaded, the Char 2C is notable as the first super-heavy tank created, and the only one to ever see operational use in any capacity.

The two turrets can be disabled by enemy fire, taking 30 seconds to self-repair.

remains the only super heavy tank produced in series and used operationally in any army, and the heaviest tank ever built until the arrival of the German Tiger II in 1944.

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The FCM Char 2C was a French super-heavy tank developed by the Forges & Chantiers de la Méditerranée shipyard during World War I.

The French's answer to the British Mark V Landship, the Char 2C was a massive and extremely heavy tank designed to break through enemy fortifications and cross directly over trenches.

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