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He confessed that he was victimized from HIV through his multiple s****l relationships he had throughout his basketball career.

Julia Sweeney, a very popular American SNL star, infected with HPV – a DNA virus from Papillomavirus – capable of infecting humans and leading to cervical cancer.

Presumably, this virus was transmitted to her by her ex-boyfriend, Derek Jeter.

Cash Warren tried to cure Jessica Alba STD on a regular basis through Valtrex.

Tommy Lee, a boyfriend of Pamela Anderson, a musician, and a foundation member of Motley Crue, was presumably a victim of Hepatitis C.

It is an open secret that Tommy Lee is source of transmitting STD Herpes to the pretty profile!

This breaking news went on air through her chef who was disoriented as Herpes’ patient by Janet Jackson. This party girl a vibrant star, a multi-faceted and glamorous actress involved in singing as well, is also one of those celebs with STDs.

None is sure about the source as she had relationships with many of her male colleagues.

He confessed to having crabs when he was a teenager.

Here Is The List Of 20 Celebrities Who Are Rumored Or Confirmed With STDs And Genital Herpes. Yes, Derek Jeter has herpes Derek Jeter Herpes is one of the most controversial topic now a days.

The number of famous celebrities with STDs is increasing due to non-usage of precautionary measures.

A famous comedian, Robin Williams, loved equally all over the world is increasing the length of the list containing the names of Hollywood celebrities with Herpes.

People came to know about his infection during an out-of-court settled trial by his ex-girlfriend, probably a cocktail waitress, who claimed to be infected by herpes as they had an intimate relationship before Robin announced his marriage. A distinctive Hollywood fashion trendier, film producer and songwriter of the industry has been infected with Herpes’ virus.

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Moreover, he shaved all his hair down to get rid of them. A very popular American basketball player, Magic Johnson, has been a victim of HIV since long, but he is struggling yet against it.

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