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One solution to the issue of fretting is to use a metal based anti-seize lubricant between the mating parts.Composed of assorted mixtures of aluminum, copper, graphite and nickel powders in a grease base, such lubrication allows repeated assembly and disassembly without wear and the elimination of fretting corrosion during use.A few small specialty manufacturers make bicycle cranks in a number of sizes smaller than 165 mm and longer than 180 mm.Some manufacturers also make bicycle cranks that can be adjusted to different lengths.A solution, suggested by Jobst Brandt, is to use a 45 degree taper at the surface where crank and pedal meet, as this would eliminate precession-induced fretting and loosening (it is already done for most automobile lug nuts for the latter reason).However, this would require manufacturers to change a well-established standard which currently allows most pedals to be fitted to most cranks.Several different formulas exist to calculate appropriate crank length for various riders.

It consists of one or more sprockets, also called chainrings Bicycle cranks can vary in length to accommodate different sized riders and different types of cycling.One-piece or children's cranks use a 1/2 inch hole.Some cranks on children's bikes have more than one pedal hole so that the pedal can be moved to accommodate growth.Some have suggested that proportionally shorter cranks may have a slight advantage for a rider with a very low torso position and an acute hip angle, especially as the rider pedals near the top-dead-center position of the pedal stroke.Cranks can be shortened for medical reasons using shorteners such as Ortho Pedal.

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